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We want your experience at the Leech Lake Tribal College bookstore to be as helpful and stress free as possible. Here are a few guidelines to help you better understand the process of ordering your class books, as well as what else the campus store has to offer the students and community members.

Where do I start?

Once you have registered for classes you will want to confirm with the Financial Aid Office that all of your paperwork is complete for your FAFSA. This will determine whether you can charge to your student account, or if you will have to purchase your books and materials out of pocket. You can contact the Financial Aid department here.

What is a student account?

Our campus allows students to set up an account through the bookstore in which they are able to charge class books and materials. This is only offered if you have completed your FAFSA and have financial aid or other scholarship funding accessible to cover the costs. If there are not enough funds to cover your charges on your student account, you will be billed for the remaining balance at the end of the semester. Please note that any bills that are not paid for before the following semester, may delay your registration for that semester. Student accounts can only be used to charge textbooks, class materials and school supplies. No apparel can be charged on a student account.

Can I use financial aid or other funding?

If you plan to charge items to a student account, those charges will be deducted from any financial aid or other funding you are receiving through the school. Some limitations may apply to some funds. Any FAFSA or Pell Grant money can be used for school related items.

How do I find what books I will need?

Whether you have been approved by the Financial Aid Office to charge, or plan on paying out of pocket, you will just need your course list to determine what textbooks and materials to get. The Student Services department can help you find your course list. For this semester's book list click here.

How do I order my textbooks?

To learn how to order your books and materials click here.

What else is offered in the bookstore?

We have apparel and school supplies available for purchase to students and visitors. The campus store is the best place to find school spirit items like sweatshirts, decals, and lanyards, as well as backpacks, notebooks, pencils and planners to help you be the best student you can be!

I have more questions!

Please contact our bookstore at 218-335-4214 or check out our FAQs page here.

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